Lemur is a little app that makes routine meal planning less annoying.

Schedule your meals, share your plan with your family, remember what you eat, and do it all quickly and simply.

Made with ❤️ for iPhone

Plan View

Make a plan.

Lemur helps you plan. Quickly create dishes and assign them to meals, and make sure you’re covered for the week.

Lemur doesn’t tell you what to eat. It helps make the neverending cycle of meal planning less annoying by reminding you of options and nudging you to have a plan.

Customizable Types

A plan made for you.

Customizable meal types make Lemur flexible to fit your family’s needs. Have picky eaters? Make sure you’re planning for them.

Do things change from day to day? Roll with the punches by hiding the meal types you don’t need on a given day.

Dishes View

Remember what the hell it is that you eat.

Lemur makes it fast to add new dishes and helps you find them later.

Set some dishes aside for planning by marking them with a ⭐️ or use filters to find the really difficult stuff for when you have more capacity to cook on the weekends.

Lemur filters let you find the meals that you prepare vs. restaurants, or filter out all the main from side dishes.

iCloud Sharing

Keep everyone in the loop. Securely.

iCloud Sharing makes it easy to share a single plan for everyone in the family.

iCloud Sync is secure and private. No accounts, no servers, no ads.

Dark Mode

And other great stuff...

  • Dark mode
  • iOS 14 Widget
  • Optional reminders
  • Simple restaurant handling
  • Mark meals as leftovers
  • Difficulty filtering